They are the key to a sustainable fashion industry that has both ETHICS + AESTHETICS.

We ❤ culture.
Everywhere we travel, we are inspired. Our pieces reflect our love for worldly things and eclectic, adventurous style.

We ❤ fair trade.
No sweat shops, no unfair labour practices.  We work with independent artisans and worker-owned cooperatives.  Fair is the only way we operate.



This project of ours was inspired during a reunion that took place in Nicaragua.  We had not seen each other for nearly 15 years — Alia bouncing around within Canada, then to France and then Spain; Chris living in Toronto and then off to Nicaragua.  Finally catching up, both of us in our early 30’s, two things were clear:  one, we had both been happily infected with the travel bug and two, we wanted to do meaningful work; to start a sustainable business where ethics ruled and aesthetics was not sacrificed.  We live within a consumer driven world and it’s in our communities and small businesses where we can change the way people buy.

With Alia living in Vancouver and Chris settled in Nicaragua, Liv & Lola embodies the cross roads of our lives – it is style played up or down to meet you at the beach or on the high streets of any metropolis city.  We want to cultivate a style that blends the beauty of cultural tradition with modern lifestyle — all with ethical practices at the core of our brand.




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