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life+style+justice Miss Conscious Consumer escp-eap_Alia
“The RE:Make is the perfect transitional
piece to add a bit of additional warmth to
an outfit without wearing a coat!”
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Life+Style+Justice is a blog dedicated to
“Sustainable, Stylish Living for Conscious
Consumers” and so you can imagine how
thrilled we were when our RE:Make scarf was
featured as part of the #ClothesStories series.
Founder Hannah Theisen is not only a
conscientious consumer, she is a social justice
activist who has spent time working with sex
trafficking victims, refugee communities,
orphans, and social enterprise startups while
living in the Philippines and now in the US.
She is part of the State of Minnesota’s Human
Trafficking Task force and works as a
consultant, assisting non-profits and
businesses-for-good with events, campaigns,
marketing, and fundraising.



“An impressive concept that not only takes
care of the hands who made it, but our
planet by giving life to old recycled fabrics!”
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Miss Conscious Consumer is where Alexis shares
her tips and rants to living a socially conscious
lifestyle.  She “uses her consumer dollars as a
tool to fight for those in bondage, by investing in
goods that are sourced and produced fairly.”
This South Floridian is quite the creative with
skills in styling, fashion, photography, graphic
design, painting and not to mention spending 18
years of her life in a dance studio!  Her addictive
high to traveling the world and experiencing
new cultures once lead her to living in the middle
of Guatemala for some months, stating that this
was one of the craziest yet fulfilling things that
she has ever done.  The So(u)l Collective is excited
to be featured in the fair threads section of her



“This is our vision to work in marginalized
artisan communities, designing boho chic
pieces that blend culture & modern style.”
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Liv & Lola co-founder, Alia Sunderji, talks about her
studies abroad, attaining her Master’s Degree
in International Business and Project
Development.  In this interview with ESCP
Europe, she discusses her experiences working
in the fashion and music industries followed
by a corporate position with the biggest coffee
company in Canada.  Find out how her studies,
travels and past work experiences have shaped
her chosen career path.

“Enjoy the journey.  Try different jobs and
industries to figure out exactly where your skill
sets and passion can be capitalized.  We all get
so caught up in figuring things out quickly but
taking out the time to find where you belong
within the work force is worth it – waking up
everyday to do exactly what you love is worth
the time and effort.”


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