Supporting Fair Trade in Thailand

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We are so excited to add a new collection of pillows and accessories, all beautifully handmade in Thailand!  Our artisan partners consists of a group of over 100 women in the Northern Thailand area who believe in preserving the Hmong culture, sustainability and fair trade.

Who are the Hmong tribe?

They are an Asian ethnic group from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.  Originally from southern China, the Hmong gradually migrated south during the 18th century due to political unrest and to find more workable land.  Today, many Hmong are located in the remote thick forests of Northern Thailand, living in communities that rely on agriculture and other Hmong trades, including textile manufacturing.  The Hmong are rich in culture, family, and art, and are distinctive in their imaginative textile patterns and vibrant traditional style.

Boho Batik Pillows and Bags!

Batik fabric is an ancient textile that has been used throughout Asia since the 4th Century.  The technique involves using a copper mold that is dipped in warm melted wax and stamped onto cotton.  The fabric is then naturally dyed.  When the fabric has dried, the wax, which has been unaffected by the dye, is removed with boiling water or scraped from the cloth, bringing the intricate creative patterns to life.
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Unique Handmade Fabrics

Combining skills learned from the age of 5, Hill Tribe people use cross-stitch embroidery, weaving, indigo dying, hemp production, and batik to turn these textiles into works of art.  These fabrics are traditionally used to make Hmong Baby-Carriers.  Expectant mothers meticulously hand embroider the carrier throughout their pregnancy, and will often hold onto them for years after they are used. The amount of love, care, and thought that goes into each step in the process is what makes these fabrics so beautiful and just awesome.
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We hope you like these accessories as much as we do!  Know that you are supporting fair and safe working conditions for women in Thailand and helping to keep traditional artisan craftsmanship alive.  Wear your ethical fashion with pride and cast your vote, letting the fashion industry know that you will not stand for unethical practices.
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