The Time for Timeless Fashion is Now

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In a world where “green, eco and ethical” are no longer just words used by tree-hugging flower children to describe their morning coffee, the time for timeless fashion is now.  Is it trendy today but in a landfill tomorrow?  We have been so accustomed to our ‘throw-away’ society, where everything is disposable.  Even fashion.

Fast Fashion vs. Slow Fashion

FAST fashion has become associated with disposable fashion because it delivers designer product to a mass market at relatively low prices1.  It has also come under criticism for contributing to poor working conditions in developing countries,2 in order to keep up with the fast turnover of trends and fads.  Enter SLOW fashion.  This movement has arisen in opposition, blaming fast fashion for pollution (both in the production of clothes and in the decay of synthetic fabrics), shoddy workmanship, and emphasizing very brief trends over classic style.3


As the wheels of fast fashion continue to spin faster, there is no better time to slow down and re-evaluate the speed at which things move in and out of your closet.  Who can resist buying that top that is “so this season” — and it’s only $15.99.  Heck, you’ve got your money’s worth if you wear it two or three times this summer.  Isn’t it crazy how some pieces come and go while others survive for years?  Decades, even.  You don’t have to be a victim of fast fashion.  You can choose to fill your closet with pieces that embody more than the latest element of trend.  They are those classic styles that, even when updated, retain a mysterious simplicity about them that stand the test of time.  This, is the type of So(u)l we would like to give you.  Pieces that never fade, made in colours that do not go out of season.  Simple, yet elegant, expressive yet understated.  Timeless.

The Art of Old

We can’t talk timeless fashion without talking vintage.  These are the pieces that have truly stood the test of time.  Those pieces that were made way back when.  Since there was more quality put into the manufacturing of these older items, vintage pieces often last longer than that cheap, mass-produced blouse from the mall.  This too, is the type of S0(u)l we would like to give you — where quality craftsmanship and attention to detail are quintessential to each handmade piece.  And yes, wearing vintage is not only beautiful but scores you those ‘green’ points too — it’s a simple way to reduce, reuse and recycle clothing.  And so when we connected with a creative vintage-fashion-loving photographer in Toronto, you can imagine how ecstatic we were to team up for a So(u)l photoshoot.  We just love Catherine Cachia’s creative eye for seeing the beauty in all things old, things that “have survived!”  Her soon-to-be Etsy shop, Midge & Izzy Vintage, is “a destination for the modern woman who appreciates quality garments and wants to celebrate her individuality in a world increasingly full of cheap, mass-produced clothing.”  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  Check out her website, The Art of Old.  Her vintage obsession is contagious and her photography is just beautiful.  Here are some of our favourites from Catherine’s blog:


Vintage+Leather+Shorts      Vintage Leather Skirt


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Photo Credit:  Image of clothes on hangers courtesy of photostock at