Why Guatemala

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Our first stop on this So(u)l train is in the beautiful highlands of Guatemala.
Why Guatemala? Well we’re glad you asked!


Guatemala is home to beautiful Mayan culture and traditions.  This lush country sets the backdrop and the inspiration to our So(u)lola collection settled against Lake Atitlan – the world’s deepest lake! Backstrap loom weaving and natural dying is a process widely used in making Guatemalan textiles.. and we instantly fell in love, wanting to make sure that this gorgeous craftsmanship never dies.


We also chose to start our journey in Guatemala because Guatemala needs the love.  75% of Guatemala’s population lives in poverty and 58% percent of the population live in extreme poverty.1 Equally alarming, Guatemala is the only country in Latin America where the poor are getting poorer, living on $1.50 a day down from $1.60 a day.2


Hearing these stats and inspired by the beautiful textiles, we packed our bags and set off to Guatemala with pitbull like determination. Arriving in Guatemala we met an artisan cooperative consisting of over 30 women that pour heart and soul into each piece they make.  Supporting women and empowering women is the most wisest investment you can make– investing in women creates a positive spillover effect to their families, communities and future generations.


Every purchase is supporting the beautiful craftsmanship these women put into each piece.  Every piece carries heart and soul of the people we work with.  Thank you for the love and for joining us on our Guatemalan adventure.


Thank U for putting the U in our So(u)l!


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